Real Estate

At WOOD & Co., we believe that real estate is a safe investment, which is why we have developed and maintain a strong real estate fund, which can provide you with unique investment opportunities, with stable returns.

Real estate funds WOOD & Company

We purchase quality commercial properties for our portfolio. We build on the working infrastructure, long-term lease agreements and strong relationships with our partners. Therefore, our real estate funds are among the best performing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We believe that the key to success is satisfied tenants. Not only do we own the property portfolio, but we also actively manage all of our office buildings and shopping centres. Thanks to the experience of our team, we can respond effectively to the needs of our clients and implement changes to the rented premises efficiently. This is why we have a high occupancy rate of over 95%. You can see our complete property portfolio at

355 400 m²

Rentable area

EUR 1.14 billion

Assets under management (as per RICS)

CZK 1 million

Minimum investment

5 years and more

Recommended investment horizon

8-10 % p.a.

Targeted long-term revenue

Our real estate sub-funds

The properties in our portfolio are established and time-tested. The time and energy we devote to detailed acquisition analysis and professional management are reflected in the stable returns achieved by our sub-funds.

According to the law, a qualified investor should invest at least the equivalent of EUR 125,000 and confirm that they are aware of the risks associated with investing in this fund, or at least CZK 1 million. In such cases, however, the fund administrator needs to confirm that the investment corresponds with the investor's financial background, investment objectives, expertise and experience.