WOOD & Company AUP Bratislava Sub-Fund

WOOD & Company AUP Bratislava Sub-Fund
Asset type:
Qualified investors fund
Long-term return target:
8% p.a.
Minimal investment:
EUR 50,000
Recommended investment horizon:
10 years plus
Annualised return since inception:
23.67% (EUR class) to 31. 12. 2023
Return for the last 12 months:
9.48% (EUR class) to 31. 12. 2023
Fund cost

see KIID

Customer category

Qualified investor according to § 272 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll.

Knowledge and experience

Advanced knowledge, basic experience

The ability to bear losses

The potential loss of an investment does not affect the achievement of financial targets; the potential loss of an investment means complications in meeting some financial targets, but does not affect the overall standard of living

Risk tolerance

6 out of 7 by SRI

Aupark Bratislava – a prime asset in an excellent location

The acquisition of Aupark Bratislava (Aupark), Slovakia's finest shopping centre, represents a unique investment opportunity in the Slovak market. This well-known and prestigious shopping centre, in an attractive location, is frequented by loyal and creditworthy customers, has a premium tenant mix, and delivers superior financial results, making Aupark the most successful shopping centre in Slovakia.

What does WOOD & Co. AUP Bratislava Sub-Fund offer?

The only asset of the Sub-Fund is the well-known Bratislava shopping centre, Aupark. The property generates stable cash flows, due to its unique location, excellent occupancy and unique tenant mix, combined with creditworthy clientele.

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