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Are you thinking about selling your company, a suitable acquisition opportunity, listing your company on the stock exchange, or finding a new source of funding for your activities? Our investment banking team will be happy to provide you with an independent view, suggest an effective solution, and guide you successfully through the challenging process.
When you start collaborating with us, you enter a family business, with a personal approach and global experience.

When you start collaborating with us, you enter a family business, with a personal approach and global experience.

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Behind every successful transaction is a team of experienced professionals

  • Effective solutions for each situation

    We can work for you on several levels – from the stock markets, to managing complex private transactions, and arranging various forms of financing. Thanks to our comprehensive scope, we can also, simultaneously, prepare your company's listing and private placement; and, after evaluating both alternatives, select the most advantageous solution.

  • Experienced team with a unique network of contacts

    Our people have been involved in dozens of major transactions in the CEE region. Our extensive network of contacts and years of experience enable us to work faster, more efficiently, and deliver solutions that add value to our clients.

  • Strong partner for international expansion

    Our membership of Oaklins, a multinational advisory organisation, helps us to blur boundaries and enables us to efficiently execute cross-border transactions, finding both acquisition targets and potential investors for your company. Through Oaklins, we have direct access to over 45 of the world's most advanced economies.

  • Pioneers of Czech investment banking

    We were present at the birth of the Czech stock market and helped to build an investor culture in the CEE region. Our team’s competence is based on knowledge of the historical context, while reflecting the current situation.

Your lifelong efforts deserve recognition and support. We will help you to take the next right step

  • Advising on the sale or purchase of a company

  • Advising on capital markets transactions

  • Advising on securing company financing

  • Advising on specific situations

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    Nick Kaufmann


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    Michal Staroň

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