We’re no sprinters, we’re marathoners

In the financial world, courage and stamina prevail. That is why we are looking for hardy and persistent people to join our team who will fulfil all our business goals with us. Join us.

When you start collaborating with us, you enter a family business, with a personal approach and global experience.

Life at WOOD & Co. and its bright side

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While we interact with all people on equal terms, we are aware of the specific needs of each position or region. So, we tailor benefits to each one of you. This, however, applies to everyone:

  • We believe in you

    We give you the opportunity to engage in development and operation of a top investment bank in the CEE region.

  • Great atmosphere

    We cultivate professional, yet casual corporate culture and we encourage diversity in the workplace.

  • Time for hobbies and family life

    We know how to keep work-life balance; that is why, you can work from home and take longer holiday.

  • Health care

    We promote prevention, organise company health days and we take care of your heart - we have a company soccer and running team.

  • Financial benefits

    We value each of you as a client which is why we offer the opportunity to invest in WOOD & Co. products.

  • Workplace ergonomics

    We invest in top-quality work equipment and we organise workshops on how to set up the workplace correctly.

  • Refreshments during the day

    Coffee, water and tea are matter of course in our offices. We find drinking and snacking routine important; that is why we also feature fruit days.

  • CSR activities are in our DNA

    We support children and the sick, we organise financial and non-financial fundraising in support of selected organisations and projects.

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    Are you looking for a different opportunity?

    If you have not chosen and would still like to work for us, send us your CV. We will try to find a position exactly for you.

    Let us know about yourself
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    Get to know our IT team

    Would you like to know what we use to make our backend, how we create frontend and what other tools we work with? Take a look in our IT team and get to know what projects we are involved in right now.

    Details about the team