WOOD & Company strengthens its position in the waste management segment. FÚRA became a member of the KOSIT group.

WOOD & Company strengthens its position in the waste management segment. FÚRA became a member of the KOSIT group.

KOSIT a. s., owned by the investment group WOOD & Company, acquired FÚRA s. r. o. at the beginning of June this year. FÚRA s. r. o., who specializes in waste management services mainly for the municipal sector, will significantly strengthen the service portfolio of the KOSIT group.

The position of general director of the newly acquired company FÚRA s.r.o. will be held by Lucia Šprinc. Mrs. Šprinc has been working in the waste sector for 8 years and currently holds the position of deputy general director of KOSIT a. s. and simultaneously the position of director for business and company development.

 "The segment of municipal customers is the dominant segment within the entire KOSIT group. Our long-term vision is to bring, in addition to quality service to customers from municipal sector, innovative solutions for managing public finances in the area of ​​waste, introducing tools to continuously increase the rate of sorted waste collection and investing in technologies that enable the maximum use of waste as a source of secondary raw materials or energy.,“ says Lucia Šprinc, CEO of FÚRA s. r. o. "We perceive the connection of the KOSIT group and the company FÚRA s. r. o. as an important milestone in our development."

 "Acquisition of FÚRA s. r. o. confirms our growth strategy within the waste management segment.   Expansion of operations and market presence is important for realization of our long-term projects in the field of transformation of the industry from landfill to material and energy recovery," adds Ľubomír Šoltýs, Chairman of the Board, WOOD & Company.

 FÚRA s. r. o., who has been operating on the market since 2001, currently employs a total of 226 employees. The company is primarily dedicated to the segment of municipal customers, primarily in the Košice and Prešov regions.

 KOSIT is a vertically integrated group primarily focused on providing waste management services for the municipal sector and complex services for customers in the industrial and commercial sectors. In addition to the waste-to-energy plant (ZEVO) in Košice, or the biogas plant for recycling biological waste, the KOSIT Group operates several waste disposal facilities in the Košice, Prešov, and Nitra regions.

KOSIT Group employs more than 1,000 employees and its consolidated turnover reached 82 mil. EUR in 2023.