Venture Investments

We select projects from promising sectors with the potential for a successful future and synergy with our vision. We open the door to venture capital and expansion for viable start-ups with big goals and capable teams. Thanks to the background of a major financial group, we can facilitate investments in attractive projects for investors who would not have access to them otherwise.


We connect the worlds of inspiring visionaries and courageous investors.

We are approached by companies that trust our investment capabilities and experience. We help the most talented ones achieve their dreams and goals. Our scope includes start-ups from promising sectors, such as high-tech, digital health and retail. The know-how and reach of our international investment group offers connections to the right contacts at the right time. Our added value is also the possibility of expert advice from a professional team with extensive international experience in M&A transactions and the capital markets.

Venture investments appear attractive, with their promise of success, adventure and exclusivity. But they are not for everyone. Our experienced team can examine the true potential and analyse the potential risks of projects. We open up interesting opportunities to qualified investors (over CZK 1 million) for medium and long-term investment horizons. Do not hesitate to ask us about currently open opportunities.

We invest only in what we believe in. Try it with us

Invest with the potential for premium appreciation in promising projects and industries in which we can see the future. If you are a qualified investor, we will allow you to invest in projects that would be difficult to access otherwise, due to barriers to entry.

Venture Capital

The investment opportunities that we offer to qualified investors are, typically, exposures to specific companies or projects with unique stories and visions. Additionally, we facilitate investments in diversified venture capital portfolios managed by prestigious local and international funds that are, typically, only available to a narrow range of investors.


Blockchain is changing the way we transfer value, enter contracts and handle data. It creates entirely new business models and fundamentally accelerates research and innovation. We invest in blockchain through an attractive portfolio of blockchain projects, managed by carefully selected international hedge funds and experts. We offer an investment opportunity that we have created ourselves to qualified investors. It lets you access these lucrative international funds with professional management, usually unavailable to smaller investors. Expand your portfolio with the most profitable asset of the last decade.

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