LitFin Alpha Sub‑Fund

LitFin Alpha Sub‑Fund
Asset type:
Qualified investors' fund
Long-term return target:
12 - 15% p.a.

The scenario presented is an estimate of future performance based on historical data on how the value of the investment is changing and/or current market conditions and is not an accurate indicator. An investor's return will vary depending on the market conditions and how long he/she holds the investment.

Minimum investment:
EUR 125,000

The investment is made in euros or crowns. The return to the investor may increase or decrease due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Recommended investment horizon:
5 years plus
Annualised return since inception:
Return for the last 12 months:
Fund cost

see KIID

Customer category

Qualified investor according to § 272 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll.

Knowledge and experience

Advanced knowledge, basic experience

The ability to bear losses

The potential loss of an investment does not affect the achievement of financial targets; the potential loss of an investment means complications in meeting some financial targets, but does not affect the overall standard of living

Risk tolerance

6 out of 7 by SRI

Unique opportunity to invest in litigation finance from LitFin's portfolio

WOOD & Company offers qualified investors in Europe a unique opportunity to invest in litigation financing. The new Alpha sub-fund from LitFin SICAV aims for a return of 12-15 per cent with a minimum investment horizon of 5 years. Subject to the conditions, it is possible to invest from CZK 1 million or EUR 125 thousand. The sub-fund is linked to the results of a portfolio compiled from selected open court cases of LitFin Group companies.

Litigation finance is a multi-billion dollar industry. By its nature, it offers an interesting investment opportunity with the prospect of double-digit returns. Litigation outcomes are typically not influenced by macroeconomic trends and thus do not correlate with the performance of traditional assets or real estate, which can help reduce portfolio volatility.

Miroslav Nosál, director WOOD & Company investiční společnost, a.s.

Date of publication Name
1/5/2024 LitFin SICAV_Fund Statute January Download
1/5/2024 LitFin SICAV_Statut fondu leden 2024 (SK) Download
11/7/2023 LitFin SICAV_STATUS Download

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