WOOD & Co. Government bonds - OPF

WOOD & Co. Government bonds - OPF
Asset type:
Qualified investors' fund
Long-term return target:
2 - 5% p.a.
Minimum investment:
CZK 1m
Recommended investment horizon:
3 years plus
Annualised return since inception:
Return for the last 12 months:

The fund invests the majority of its assets in high-quality bonds with investment grade ratings (S&P, Moody's), mainly in Czech government bonds. Investment instruments that do not have investment grade ratings may make up a maximum of 10% of the portfolio. The Fund does not invest explicitly in equities or investment instruments that replicate the performance of equity indices.

CZK class
Since the establishment of the Fund
12 months
6 months
3 months
1 month
1.4371 CZK Value of the investment share
Date of publication Name
5/1/2024 Monthly Report - April 2024 Download
4/17/2024 Monthly Report - March 2024 Download
3/20/2024 Communication of key information (according to the PRIIPs methodology) Download

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