Investment certificate Collection of works by Alfons Mucha

Investment certificate Collection of works by Alfons Mucha
Investment horizon
3 to 5 years
Investment volume
CZK 270m
Start of subscription
28. 10. 2023
Fund cost

see KIID

Customer category

Non-professional and professional customers

Knowledge and experience

Advanced knowledge, basic experience

The ability to bear losses

The potential loss of an investment does not affect the achievement of financial targets; the potential loss of an investment means complications in meeting some financial targets, but does not affect the overall standard of living

Risk tolerance

6 out of 7 by SRI

The most comprehensive collection of works by Mucha

The unique and most comprehensive collection of Alfons Mucha's poster works at the Portu Gallery! The collection includes over 400 pieces of original artefacts by the great Czech Art Nouveau artist Alfons Mucha. The core of the collection is a unique collection assembled by Ivan Lendl and curator Jack Renner, which includes a unique collection of Mucha's posters, decorative panels, calendars and various occasional prints.

What makes the Alfons Mucha Collection unique?

Interest in art has increased greatly and demand for 19th and early 20th century paintings is growing, as the value of these works is generally not subject to great fluctuations. Given these facts, the works of the classics can be considered a conservative art asset, an artistic BLUE CHIPS, to use a stock market analogy.

According to data from the platform, works by Alfons Mucha have shown a 360% price increase over the last 23 years (2000-2023). However, we should not forget that historical returns are never a guarantee of future returns.

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