Asset & Wealth Management

We treat other people's wealth the way we treat our own. That is why we keep thinking, over and over again, about how to protect and multiply it. We will make sure that your standard of living improves steadily, benefiting you, your family and future generations.

Protecting and multiplying assets takes time and experience. That is why we will help you appreciate your investment portfolio the way we have been doing it for over 30 years now.

30+ years of experience

We were involved in investments in the region before the Czech koruna and the euro entered the market. This is why we understand them so well.

State-of-the-art products

With our global reach and knowledge of the local market and its needs, we come up with innovative products that set the pace for the entire region.

Relationship that works for you

The client comes first for us. We build a long-term relationship for mutual satisfaction.

How we manage and access your wealth.

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    We take a personalised approach to each portfolio, taking into account your investment objectives and the current market situation. We want you to enjoy the returns, but we also want you to sleep well. We put our experience to work for you.

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    Portfolio design

    Someone can design the perfect home, a wardrobe, a car, or an experience. We design an investment portfolio that lets you enjoy more of all that.

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    Keeping track of your investments

    We are here for you anytime and all the time. Online and in person. It's your money and we are here to make sure you have access to it 24/7. Everywhere in the world.

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    Investment offer peer review

    The investment world is brimming with tempting offers, but not all of them are win-win, ultimately . We can hold a mirror up to your investment choices and play devil's advocate for you. The final decision is always yours, but you will make it with a clear understanding of all the risks and advantages.

The client portal gives you secure online access to your portfolio.

In one place, you can now track your investments online, keep track of transactions, learn about investment opportunities, easily access your WOOD & Company contacts, and change your user preferences.